Helmut Bauer, Head of Management Systems Quality/Environment/Innovation, OTTO Chemie GmbH

“Timetable, train and tracks for the ability to change” – this is how I would characterize the training as an innovation trainer. In a relaxed atmosphere, professional, credible and sustainable appreciative behavior in dealing with people is conveyed. Trainers Harald Korsten and colleagues use coaching-oriented methods and behaviors to give ” Help for self-help” and let the participants develop themselves by practicing the topics interactively and reflecting permanently. 4 months after graduation, I was allowed to integrate what I had learned, or better said, what I had experienced, into my professional practice within the framework of an innovation project and experience that it “works”. Also in my private life as a conductor of an orchestra it is absolutely helpful and valuable for me. But the quintessence of the training was to get to know myself better.“

Helmut Bauer