Markus Kreye, Product Manager, Visteon D GmbH

“This training has shown me impressively, how organizations innovation capacity may be increaseed by creating the necessary basics. While companies are usually focused on the processes, the training clarifies that innovative capacity has to be supported by an equivalent corporate culture. Innovation is regarded as a team effort – the training clarifies how teams will be able to increase maximum performance. The important skills for this, such as coaching and facilitation techniques, are unfortunately still very neglected in large companies.Deserves praise the training concept. Here, intensive group work is delivered instead of “PowerPoint teacher-up front style”. Participants will learn primarily through mutual criticism and mutual coaching. Unlike many other training systems, sufficient time is provided to practice the learned skills intensively. By this, the transfer into working live will be much easier. For me, that is the best training I have ever attended!”

Markus Kreye