Werner Ahrens, General Manager, TIS GmbH 

“Self-motivation, motivation of employees, responsibility of and for employees, team development, goal orientation, problem recognition and solution, innovation – these are all buzzwords that are gladly used but are often not lived. The innovation trainer course provided me with a lot of practical tips, ideas and help for procedures in daily leadership and in dealing with people. It was important for me that no “recipes” were handed out, but that attitudes were questioned and, as the saying goes, “help for self-help” was given. And what was learned can also be applied in the private sphere. The training was challenging, exciting and interestingly moderated. By setting up learning groups and partnerships, a network has also been created that continues to be available as a helpful guide. Initial successes show that the tools I have learned enable me to concentrate more on my work as a leader and that my employees perform their tasks with more motivation and personal responsibility. For me, it was one of the best trainings I have participated in in my many years in leadership positions. Thanks to Harald Korsten and his team.”

Werner Ahrens