Effective conversations with applicants - one-day intensive training

Responsible people often make it easy for applicants to say what is suitable in the job interview. After a time it  may happen that both parties have different expectations. This often leads to demotivation, anger, performance loss and discussions with influence on the effectivity of a department. On the other hand really suitable applicants are refused because of the limited perception of the conversation partner, for example a “Scheme F-preparation”. In this intensive training we work out applicable solutions to these questions:

  • How do I find out if an applicant is really suitable for the advertised position?
  • How do I get clear criteria for the suitability without pressure and manipulation?
  • Which technique serves as a backbone and red thread for the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the interviews? 

The participants

  • know the effect of the own discussion behavior to others
  • can prepare target-oriented and structural interviews with the applicants
  • can control the conversation effectively to receive all relevant information in a good atmosphere
  • can evaluate all relevant information systematically


  • systematic personnel selection and cooperation with the personnel department
  • Important aspects in the usage
  • Direct effects of communication
  1. Give and receive information – contact and atmosphere
  2. Prepare target-oriented: Job requirements and „wish list”
  3. Take a good look at yourself: your expectations on the interview
  4. Job interview and coaching behavior
  • Conversation with the applicant: „What goes around, comes around..“ – control with question!
  1. Active listening in the conversation
  2. Open-minded and honest: direct feedback
  3. Systematic conversation planning as a thread
  4. Art of transition
  • Systematic evaluation of job interviews: the tool
  • Individual learning transfer into practice.