Innovation Excellence - Certified Training Program for Managers

Certified Training Program for Supporting Managers and Change Agents (11 days)

The evolution of leadership culture has reached a revolutionary level: “Executives 4.0”, increasingly relieved of professional and disciplinary authority, are becoming competent trainers and process assistants for agile teams.


Your benefits
You will significantly expand your leadership skills:

  • Consistently supporting leadership behaviour in (digital) change
  • Cultural change! Effective Change Management
  • Process Orientation – Lean Management and Kaizen
  • Systematically introduce and anchor improvement/innovation processes
  • Supervision and facilitation
  • Real team development
  • Virtual team control
  • Constructive critical faculties
  • Difficult situations as opportunities
  • The executive as a change agent – progressive methodology and didactics
  • Leadership 4.0 – Training and coaching competence!
  • The best working techniques for innovation capability and their meaningful application.
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Target group and general objective

We address executives and professional management trainers who want to drive important changes and innovation in these times of (digital) change. The graduates master the spectrum of modern change management for the successful introduction and control of innovative processes, including the best working techniques.The training also focuses on the sustainable leadership culture – Leadership 4.0.

About the History of this Program

On behalf of the German Economic Institute Cologne, the motiv-founder Harald Korsten trained the heads of semi-governmental institutes on the subject of “steering competence for innovative processes”. This series of seminars was the prototype of the training, which we have been continuously developing since 2001. A comparative study commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research proved our market leadership in innovation management. The head of the study, Prof. Dr. Harald Geißler, has since supported our work as a scientific advisory board and certifier.

The Unique Selling Propositions

  • Uniqueness. According to research carried out by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Swiss Federal Railways, we provide the only training that
    • concretely addresses the conditions and “breeding grounds” for innovative capacity
    • systematically develops all important methods and techniques for effective control.
  • German Training Award in Gold
  • Proven high learning and implementation success through innovative and refined forms of training
  • Practical relevance from start: Permanent reverence of the acquired knowledge to its implementation in everyday life.
  • Co-certification by Prof. Dr. Harald Geißler, Helmut Schmidt-University Hamburg and Research Centre Coachinggutachten.

The Training Program

Module 1: Inspiring Innovation Capacity!

Base camp and departure, 3 days

  • On the test bench: Willingness to change
  • The 3 phases of an innovation process 
  • Self-reflection and group dynamics for professionals
  • Constructive criticism – Why? How? When?
  • Change Agents, the innovation promoters  
  • Innovation Check – 4 Rooms of Change
  • The start of an innovation process
  • The secrets of continuous improvement

Module 2: Innovation Capacity in Action!

On the road with change management, 3 days

  • On the test bench: Effectivity of meetings
  • Objective ≠ Solution ≠  Measure
  • TIZLA – systematic problem solving
  • Genuine teamwork as the nucleus of innovation
  • Product development by teamwork
  • Kaizen & Co. – up to date in (digital) change
  • Creativity and useful creativity techniques
  • Continuous improvement live!
  • Piloting of effective meetings

Module 3: Anchoring Innovation Capability

Leadership competency in innovation processes, 3 days

  • On the test bench: Leadership behavior
  • Coaching competency for developers
  • Stagnating groups and performance teams
  • Paradigm shift: Leaders as trainers and facilitators for agile teams!
  • The future has begun: agile teams in holocratic structures
  • Supervision of autonomous teams
  • Managing of virtual teams
  • Mastering the resistance to change
  • Reframing and resilience: plaintext.

Module 4: Certification Workshop

Harvest and transfer into practice, 2 days

  • Analysis of previous implementation experiences
  • Evaluation of implementation success
  • “Powerless” executives?
  • Certificate maturity check
  • Departure into the wild with a concrete view to the future

The Training Locations


Our training bases Wissen Schloss near Weeze (above) or Schloss Buchenau near Bad Hersfeld (below).


Your Trainer
Harald Korsten

Economic Sociologist and Psychologist M.A., Leadership Trainer
and coach FCG, controller CA, respiratory therapist GHB.

Managing Director of “motiv Gesellschaft für Innovation“,
Lecturer at the VDI Knowledge Forum, expert author.

Specialist for Change Management, Leadership,
Executive Coaching and Personality Development.

I would be happy to arrange a non-binding preliminary discussion with you
and I am looking forward to your e-mail:

Your Investment

€ 4.950.00 + VAT for 11-day education incl. photo-documentation and topic manuscripts.
The hotel expenses incl. overnight stay/full board and workshop flat rate: ca. € 169.00 + VAT per person and day at Schloss Wissen and ca. € 115.00 + VAT at Schloss Buchenau

The hotel reservation is a contract between you and the hotel. Therefore, the costs are accounted directly with the hotel. We would be pleased to reserve a single room for you. Please inform us if you do not arrive on the evening before.
The costs of the workshop include trainer fee, manuscript, photo documentation and concepts. If you have to cancel your participation, you are able to appoint another participant. Without a replacement participant and with a cancellation up to 21 days before the beginning we charge € 150,00, with a later cancellation the total sum of the participation fee.


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