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Participant Evaluations

Tobias Gerasch, Head of IT, Viscom AG

“The training was enriching in many ways: A great group, with which it was a pleasure to experience the theoretically learned group dynamics. An advanced training where you had to get out of the comfortable consumer corner from the very first minute to learn how to pass on what you had learned. And above all the realization that there is much more to the basic attitude than just techniques and tools. Many thanks, Harald!”

Frank Schmilowski, Head of Department and Academy, EW Medien & Kongresse GmbH
“Practical relevance + interaction + optimal learning success! Never before have I learned so much in a short time to develop myself and my team. The certificate course is challenging and in my opinion a MUST for every manager who is serious about leadership 4.0!”

Miguel Ricking, Sales Private and Commercial Customers, SWK Energie GmbH

“For me, the “Innovation Excellence” training was a revolution to conventional management trainings. A large part of the content was developed and applied in a practical way and brought into context. It is tremendously motivating to use these new skills in everyday life, because you make yourself and your environment more efficient.”

Philipp Müller, Brand Strategy & National Marcoms Manager Marketing, Nissan Center Europe GmbH

“The training helps me a lot; the large practical part makes it much easier to directly apply what I have learned compared to other trainings. In concrete terms, I was able to significantly improve the workshops I led through the structure and techniques I learned in the “Innovation Excellence” training.Furthermore, I find the continuous improvement approach, which is the focus of the training, very inspiring and an excellent attitude for my own work, but especially for the leadership of employees.”

Dennis Bendig, Recruiting Manager, Fagro GmbH

“The training was a great experience for me and gave me a whole lot of new impulses. The topics and especially the exercises are very close to practice – and the most important thing for me: They give structure and lead to results! Thank you very much for the very good support!”

Laura Selenz, Consultant, COMPASS GmbH

“The focus of the training was on us, the participants, right from the beginning – where do we stand and where do we want to get? Instead of theoretical learning, self-experience through direct application and a lot of self-knowledge plays a big role. Harald Korsten exemplifies what makes a change agent: appreciative and motivating leadership and coaching behaviour in change processes. Thank you for this extraordinary experience!”

Hans Wengrzik, Senior Manager Sales, Toyota Kreditbank GmbH

“The beginning of the training was surprisingly unusual and a bit uneasy. However, in the further course of the training Harald Korsten was consitent about his most important message: “The manager builds the capacity of his employees”. Almost the entire content of the training is self-acquired and the personal training handbook is 100% self-created. As a result of the training I got to know myself more intensely. I become increasingly attentive towards my employees and understand their opinions better, which helps us to achieve our goals in more efficient ways. Thank you Harald, well done!”

Iris Gerritsen, Head of Customer Relationship and Quality Managemenet, Forest Finance GmbH

“Personally the training for innovation managers was the best training I evey experienced. Why? An entrained trainer who was able to teach the challenging contents and tools in a very unique way. I was always looking forward to the next module. That what is taught, is directly trained on the spot, so that I found the implementation in my daily business very easy. The training, however, does not only support me in my professional life but also it helped me to get to know myself better and to question me.”

Dr. Stefan Blümling, Managin Director VerAntworten

“In all aspects an extraordinary and challenging training. Contents and methodologies are identical as the participants experience the trainer just as the role of a leader is being taught during the training: appreciative, authentic and with regards to the capacity development of the participants. The leadership tools are at the sam time also that of the trainer; the participants adopt them and internalise them automatically. Any training couldn’t be better and more application-oriented – well done”

Smail Sarouali, product manager, SWK AG

“The education was the best I have ever participated yet. (…) The following transfer into practice was easy to do. (…) Many thanks to Harry and his crew!”

Henriette Stieger, Senior Consultant, COMPASS GmbH

“The education especially widened my understandig of appreciative leadership behavior and illustrated the „creation“ of  innovation capability by change willingness, feedback, reflection and confidence. The application-oriented trained methods and techiques  are absolutely helpful in my professional live as well as in my private environment. The education was very challenging and varied; I never experienced anything like it.”

Stefan Rottländer, Head Measuring and Metering System, SWK SETEC GmbH

“The education for the innovation trainer is a crucial step for my professional development. I’ve learned how to accompany employees in innovative action with structured approach and thereby enabling me to promote their willingness for change. This is not just for employees but also for myself a (also necessary) cultural change on issues of organization, processes, teamwork and leadership. Each module of this training series has always had the practical relevance, practice and clearly pointed out to me the benefits of the issues learned. Exceptionally important for me was the collaboration with the training`s learning partners. In the group, an open and constructive feedback was given. That was an ideal help for self-help. For me, the two very competent trainers Martina Held and Harald Korsten were a special experience.”

Markus Kreye, Product Manager, Visteon D GmbH

“This training has shown me impressively, how organizations innovation capacity may be increaseed by creating the necessary basics. While companies are usually focused on the processes, the training clarifies that innovative capacity has to be supported by an equivalent corporate culture. Innovation is regarded as a team effort – the training clarifies how teams will be able to increase maximum performance. The important skills for this, such as coaching and facilitation techniques, are unfortunately still very neglected in large companies.Deserves praise the training concept. Here, intensive group work is delivered instead of “PowerPoint teacher-up front style”. Participants will learn primarily through mutual criticism and mutual coaching. Unlike many other training systems, sufficient time is provided to practice the learned skills intensively. By this, the transfer into working live will be much easier. For me, that is the best training I have ever attended!”

Heinz Wohlgensinger, SAP HR Specialist, Swiss Federal Railways SBB AG

“I was strenghtened developed more confidence on the path to become an innovation trainer. The training was the best, liveliest and most interesting I have ever participated! With the issues, the trainers ripped us participants out of our seats and allowed us to to work towards success autonomously. The tools learned can always be used with much success, be it at work, in the family or in associations.”

Hanns Horváth, HR Developer, NORDEX AG

“The education is a prime example of interactive and challenging human resources development in the form of a seminar. In this case, it confronted the roles of innovation, leadership, development and also with your own personality. Actually, it should be a compulsory course for all young and all experienced managers as well as for trainers of any experience levels. We always keep on learning. Thanks motiv! Once again with pleasure!”

Dr Armin Bratz, Senior Consultant, HANSE Management Consulting GmbH

“The Education in Innovation Competency is the best ever trainer training I’ve had. For me, a management consultant and project manager, are the trained and acquired skills crucial in order to deliver my projects and to implement change management skills in teams successfully.”

Bruno Marenghi, Head of Infrastructure, Swiss Railway Company SBB AG

“The “Innotrainer” was the best education I participated within. The very demanding and complex topic was imparted absolutely professional, varied, motivating and by logical, comprehensible steps. The Process and training method were exemplary. I was fascinated by the culture of criticism, the supportive leadership and coaching behaviour, the dealing with difficult situations and the skillful use of the moderation method including useful team development techniques. The special thing is that these skills will be very useful to me in daily working life. This training earns a “highly recommended”.”

Dr. Petra Giese, Unternehmensentwicklerin der SWK STADTWERKE KREFELD AG

“The Innovation Trainer education has been very productive, as the opportunities were generated by consistently encouraging leadership behaviour were practically clarified in every training module. In particular, the reflection on the trainers self-image inititated my (still) ongoing learning process.”

“The training is a challenging analysis with organizational development, with the trainer role of the next generation and… with yourself.”

Peter Tholl, Regional Sales Manager, TOYOTA D GmbH

“The Innovation Trainer education enriches for every professional trainer and also managers who wants to develop high performance teams. The participants learn how to develop employees into teams, achieving increasingly better results with high identification, initiative and fun at work. Harald Korsten and his training team provide the challenging syllabus excellently. The participants take away considerably more than the usual fat folder. For me, this was one of the best opportunities for development I`ve received so far in my professional career with BMW, Mercedes and now thanks to TOYOTA.”

Peter Jones, MD, Change Evolution

“The Innovation Management Training Program (IMTP) has been both a practical and enlightening experience and has served to provide an enhanced view of both myself, how I interact with others, their perception of me within working groups and a unique opportunity to take the lessons learnt into everyday life. I’m looking forward to applying the skills to ecological, environmental and sustainability projects. Over all, powerful and insightful and a must do course for businesses that expect to succeed in the 21st century.”