Christine Riedmann-Streitz, Managing Director MarkenFactory, Lecturer and Trainer

“Innovation Competence – Based on the assumption that every human being is born as a creative and trusting being, this innovation training impressively points out the current situation in numerous projects and many companies. In the future, it should no longer surprise any of the participants that the Pareto Principle has been able to establish itself negatively in such a way, whether in management behavior, employee motivation or the market performance of products. The consistent refusal of conventional didactics is extremely goal-oriented and just as beneficial. After all, this systematically challenges every participant to do exactly what he or she is attending the training for: to think, to rethink, to learn from each other and pass on, to appreciate, to innovate. The focus is on an appreciative, supportive and challenging attitude, and proven behavioral and procedural tools are also explored. As an experienced manager, I was also able to take valuable food for thought with me. And last but not least it is a great pleasure to work with Harald Korsten.“ 

Christine Riedmann-Streitz