Open Space-Workshop Advanced! Innovation workshop for product development with up to 200 participants

The participants

  • experience creativity and practice effective creative techniques
  • develop innovative solutions and determine their specific implementation
  • master the basis for establishing a department internal innovation culture


Phase I: Inspiration and creativity – COLLECT AND DEVELOP

This phase is characterized by systematic changes between

  • persepctive changes  and inspiration
  • thinking outside of the box
  • contemplation
  • reaching peace of mind, discovering chances, being brave
  • being creative
  • developing ideas and solutions

Identifying fields of action, “after-meal walks”, group work, topic exchange,
mini workshops to learn the tools and techniques of creativity,
workshop rounds I and II including result vernissages, kick-off speech I

Phase II: Ideas and analysis – ORGANIZE AND EVALUATE

Introduction: true “innovation KPIs”, “polishing technique” 6 hats, workshop round III
with result vernissage, kick-off speech II


Introduction: focus on specific and timed implementation plans, workshop rounds IV and V
with result vernissages, kick-off speech III for networking and further cooperation,
future gallery with lunch buffet in the middle of the action, networking, departure “into the wild”