Leadership Development Program

The multiplier concept

Three interested peoples derive from the basic modules. They pass on what they have learned from the trainings as multiplier/change agents. They drive the promoting leadership culture and the effective team development forward, as    

  • Organizers and moderators of solution workshops and work meetings
  • Trainers in self-organized workshops as well as
  • Coaches and sparring partners for colleagues. 

In the advanced module 4 you get the required methodological-didactic final touch. 

After the basic modules: Virtual transfer coaching

To support the transfer of the learned training contents into practice, every graduate of the basic module 2 can make use of intensive coaching á 30 minutes via telephone.

The goals for

  • Basic module 1 –  Leading by supporting     

The participants pointed out together their understanding of leadership and aligned it on development. For this they questioned their communication behavior critically and worked out alternatives.

They worked out interdependencies between leadership behavior, motivation, work atmosphere and success and defined the different leading roles. They know and appreciate the sense and use of coaching behavior for executives. Furthermore, the participants collected first experience.  

  • Basic module 2 – Overcome difficult situations

The participants internalized their leadership behavior to drive engagement, constructive teamwork and self-responsibility continuously forward. Difficult situations are understood as specific opportunities which are used to implement practical changes. 

They can voice criticism directly, clearly and without accusation.

They understand the system of resolving conflicts and are able to apply it as involved persons or mediators.  

  • Basic module 3 – Effective meetings and team development

The participants are able to manage meetings, conferences and workshops on a targeted and result-oriented basis. With this they are capable of using supporting behaviors, useful work techniques and presentation methods at the right time. The experienced teamwork during the trainings supports the ability to establish a motivated, trustful work atmosphere.


Core of the training is the realization of an effective meeting to topics which are interesting for the participants. Here the particular approach will be reflected systematically: “How did we proceed in the last two hours? Why? What is the logic? What is the use? “

  • Basic module 4 – Self-organization and decision-making-power


The participants reflected their work organization. For goal achievement, time management, perceptions, work planning and the handling with stressors specific improvements were worked out and defined.

They reflected behavior patterns with regard to decision-making. Apart from logic and understanding they re-discovered or expanded the access to intuition as a second resource for qualified decisions. They are able to use and connect both resources effectively.


Make the right decision – Decision-makers often reach the limit of understanding, logic and facts which are based on the decision ability. At the same time several studies show that decision-makers, who rely on their gut feeling, often make the right decisions.

Is intuition trainable? Yes. The individual approaches can enter the awareness again. The practical use of the resource intuition and the connection between the resource and the individual logical-analytic abilities – the second day of training supports the ability of decision-making.  

  • Advanced module 1 – What is really important?

One-day application workshop on analysis- and prioritization instruments on the basis of current cases from practice

The participants got to know useful instruments and how to use those for

  • Analysis of tasks, problems, conditions and their weighting
  • evaluation of goals and solutions

The work in a real workshop – no simulation – enables the immediate use of the new instruments in an effective order. Therefore, it guarantees the necessary safety for the immediate transfer into professional practice.  

  • Advanced module 2 – Change Management

The participants know the sources of the willingness to change and innovative capability.  

They are able to apply useful methods, techniques and behaviors of the action- and resource-oriented Change Management in order to manage and support innovative processes.  

  • Advanced module 3 – Practical economics and General Management

The participants know economic frameworks and mechanisms which influence the leadership tasks. Significant questions, approaches and tools of economic operating areas as well as general methods, systems and elements of corporate and strategic management are well known.


This training links the basic skills with disciplines of corporate management. The connection is created through economic which is important for every process and every project of a company.

  • Advanced module 4 – Multiplier training

The participants can prepare their knowledge methodological-didactically and transfer it interactively: They are able to prepare and perform internal seminars, workshops and work meetings in order to achieve the best learning and implementation success – they can work with groups and apply suitable methods for supporting the practice transfer. 

As internal coaches they have the capability to provide sustainable help for self-help. The further methodological-didactic development as internal multipliers/trainer and coaches are tied down.


Supporting executives as internal trainers and multipliers/Change Agents!

On the basis of the content of the basic modules the participants develop necessary skills through intensive training of methodological-didactic elements and useful approaches and behaviors.