Restart! Change Management - a concept for effective reorientation


The approach was developed and tested by us and also estimated as effective by the customers. With this approach it is possible to

  • introduce new challenges
  • drive forward change process and –ability
  • give a share in designing the realignment

to all involved people in the department within a three-monthly timeframe.

During the Change Management we operate as coach, consultant/sparring partner, moderator and trainer according to demand.


  • Stocktaking → 6-10 coaching-based orientation talk à 1,0 hours with executives and opinion leaders of the department
  • Coaching-based talk/”Sparring” with the department managements
  • Two-day designing workshop with the executives

Goals: The participants 

  • worked out together mission, vision, work goals, solutions and its realization
  • agreed to a binding collaboration/networking regarding to
      1. The modality including the management team and employee development
      2. The organization including interfaces and responsibilities
  • The rough planning of workshops together with all involved persons in the department
  • 1,5-daily open space-workshop with all involved persons to the topic “Your specific contribution to the restructuring”

Goals: The participants

  • have a standard understanding of the vision, the mission as well as the necessary goals and strategy
  • worked out their specific contribution and set a deadline of the realization. The measures will be realized by themselves and no other people