Leadership despite spatial division - leading "virtual teams" effectively

Two-day intensive training for executives and project managers who want to expand their skills of managing decentralized teams


The participants

  • know specific group dynamic aspects to live up to the management responsibilities regarding to geographical distances
  • have mastered to work on topics and deal with problems systematically on the principle of the continuous improvement process/Kaizen
  • have mastered the procedure, instruments and the systematics for establishing clear, binding communication structures
  • can build a culture of constructive criticism and mutual promotion
  • are able to prepare and control telephone and video conferences effectively
  • can follow-up results
  • use difficult situations to make decisive moves


Team management and Change Management

Not on the spot and nevertheless: consequent supporting of trustful teamwork

  • challenge 1: establishment of clear rules and communication structures
  • challenge 2: “Establish cultures”
  • constructive criticism and
  • mutual promotion – Help for self-help
  • Supporting team rituals: Which? – Why? – How?
  • Group dynamic within decentralized teams
  • Stagnation groups and performance teams
  • Continuous improvement process – Kaizen & Co.
  • Work meetings 2.0: Effective systems for working on topics and with problems
  • Work meetings via telephone-/video conference: Is the system portable?
      1. Preparation
      2. Process
      3. Securing the results
      4. Follow-up
  • Define goals and accompany the goal achievement
  • Handling with difficult situations
  • Transfer of experience and knowledge into practice