Innovation Excellence - Certified Training Program for Managers

Innovation Excellence - Certified Training Program for Managers
There is nothing more constant than change. The willingness and ability to make useful changes is the key success factor for companies and individuals. This is where our training plays a significant role: Our target groups are executives and professional trainers who want to significantly expand their competencies by developing sustainable innovation skills.
This qualification empowers graduates to master the spectrum of modern change management for launching and piloting innovation processes successfully, including real behavioural competence as well as a complete compliment of useful working methods and techniques. Since then we constantly develop this training that has already been evaluated and awarded the German Training Award in Gold.

Your benefits
You will significantly broaden your technical and methodological spectrum as well as your behaviour alternatives. In this context you will acquire professional skills for:

  • Coaching for entrepreneurs   
  • Constructive criticism and masterful dealing with difficult situations
  • Piloting effective meetings and workshops
  • Setting targets- and results orientation
  • Developing virtual teams
  • Systematic troubleshooting and implementation planning
  • Reframing and resilience
  • Facilitation and team development including useful teamwork techniques
  • Continuous improvement process
  • Leadership 3.0 in practice
  • Instruction – the ability of professional knowledge transfer
  • Process monitoring incl. supervision of working groups.

About the History of this Program
End of 1999, motiv- MD Harry Korsten was contracted by the Institute of German Economy to develop training in innovation skills for the heads of institutes merged in an initiative to stimulate innovation in the German economy. Thereupon he developed a training concept covering all requirements to manage  innovation processes. It was shown that the training was unique, as an IW-comparison with many other competitors showed and it became the prototype of today's training.  It is now almost 18 years in which hundreds of managers and professional trainers have been trained in innovation capabilities.
Naturally, the content is constantly updated and the training methods are continuously refined. The training is furthermore unique in covering the entire innovation process: This is the result of an comparative study by order of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, confirming our market leadership in the advanced field of innovation management.

The Unique Selling Propositions

  • Uniqueness: according to research by the Swiss Railway Company and the German Federal Ministery of Education and Research, we provide the only training that focuses the foundations of innovative processes and covers all necessary skills & competences
  • Clearly defined roles: experts / coaches / mentors / decision makers / moderators / supervisors
  • Simultaneous learning at the procedural and at the behavioural level, which is crucial to a real understanding of innovative processes
  • Interaction wherever possible
  • Practical relevance from start: Permanent reverence of the acquired knowledge to its implementation in everyday life.


The Training Program

Module 1: Inspiring Innovation Capacity

Base camp and departure, 3 days

  • The pillars of innovative capability
  • Innovation check up
  • Self-reflection capability
  • The phases of an innovation process 
  • Group dynamics for professionals
  • Constructive Criticism – Why? How? When?
  • The start of an innovation process 
  • Team-building
  • True leadership roles
  • The secrets of continuous improvement
  • Managers as innovation trainers? Sure!

Module 2: Innovation Capacity at Work

On the road with change management, 3 days

  • Test station for meeting effectively
  • TIGSA – systematical work on issues
  • True teamwork – the nucleus of innovation  
  • Product development by teamwork
  • Moderation reloaded
  • Best Practice: Toyota Way - Kaizen & Co
  • Change - and project management as twins
  • Creativity and useful creativity techniques
  • Continuous improvement live! 
  • Piloting of effective meetings

Module 3: Anchoring Innovation Capability

Leadership competency in innovation processes, 3 days

  • Test station for leadership behavior
  • Coaching competency for developers
  • Supervision of autonomous teams
  • Managing of virtual teams
  • Stagnating groups and hot shot teams
  • Mastering the resistance to change
  • Reframing and resilience 
  • Training competency for real change agents
  • Clear text to process accompaniment

Module 4: Certification Workshop

Harvest and transfer into practice, 2 days

  • Analysis of implementation experiences so far
  • Ready for certificate and departure in the wild
  • Evaluation of implementation success
  • Adoption and looking ahead concretely, including networking.


The Training Locations

Our training bases Wissen Schloss near Weeze (above) or Schloss Buchenau near Bad Hersfeld (below).

Dates 2018

Module 1: 17.-19. October 2018
Module 2: 21.-23. November 2018
Module 3: 12.-14. December 2018
Module 4: 17.-18.  January 2019

Your Investment
€ 4.950.00 + VAT for 11-day education incl. photo-documentation and topic manuscripts.
The hotel expenses incl. overnight stay/full board and workshop flat rate: ca. € 165.00 + VAT per person and day at Schloss Wissen and ca. € 105.00 + VAT at Schloss Buchenau

The hotel reservation is a contract between you and the hotel. Therefore, the costs are accounted directly with the hotel. We would be pleased to reserve a single room for you. Please inform us if you do not arrive on the evening before.
The costs of the workshop include trainer fee, manuscript, photo documentation and concepts. If you have to cancel your participation, you are able to appoint another participant. Without a replacement participant and with a cancellation up to 21 days before the beginning we charge € 150,00, with a later cancellation the total sum of the participation fee.

You can also download all information as a PDF document: Innovation Excellence - Certified Training Program for Managers

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