Gianni Capasso M.A., HR Developer, SWK STADTWERKE KREFELD AG

“In my function as a HR Developer, I very often experience how supervisors do not sufficiently fulfill their role as a leader. According to the supposedly proven motto “As long as I don’t say anything, everything is fine”, employees are usually left to themselves. The frequent consequence is a downward spiral of consternation and demotivation. What does contemporary leadership look like? Which instruments help leaders to guide employees professionally? I have discovered answers to these questions in the training: Through intensive training in small groups and reflection on the contents in learning partnerships, I have become acquainted with working techniques and instruments that not only enable managers to sustainably support individuals and groups through consistent development behavior and constructive handling of criticism. I have also realized that leadership is much more than guidance and motivation, namely also developing employees. Conclusion: Absolutely worthwhile for those who strive to help employees to get more out of their talents and abilities.”

Gianni Capasso M.A.