Dennis Bendig, Recruiting Manager, Fagro GmbH

“The training was a great experience for me and gave me a whole lot of new impulses. The topics and especially the exercises are very close to practice – and the most important thing for me: They give structure and lead to results! Thank you very much for the very good support!” Dennis Bendig

Philipp Müller, Brand Strategy & National Marcoms Manager Marketing, Nissan Center Europe GmbH

“The training helps me a lot; the large practical part makes it much easier to directly apply what I have learned compared to other trainings. In concrete terms, I was able to significantly improve the workshops I led through the structure and techniques I learned in the “Innovation Excellence” training.Furthermore, I find the continuous improvement …

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Miguel Ricking, Sales Private and Commercial Customers, SWK Energie GmbH

“For me, the “Innovation Excellence” training was a revolution to conventional management trainings. A large part of the content was developed and applied in a practical way and brought into context. It is tremendously motivating to use these new skills in everyday life, because you make yourself and your environment more efficient.“ Miguel Ricking

Henriette Stieger, Senior Consultant, COMPASS GmbH

“The education especially widened my understandig of appreciative leadership behavior and illustrated the „creation“ of  innovation capability by change willingness, feedback, reflection and confidence. The application-oriented trained methods and techiques  are absolutely helpful in my professional live as well as in my private environment. The education was very challenging and varied; I never experienced anything …

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Dr. Petra Giese, Business Developer, SWK STADTWERKE KREFELD AG

“The Innovation Trainer education has been very productive, as the opportunities were generated by consistently encouraging leadership behaviour were practically clarified in every training module. In particular, the reflection on the trainers self-image inititated my (still) ongoing learning process.” Dr. Petra Gieser